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SPRINT PNS for nerve pain


Mom of Kim, SPRINT PNS for post-stroke pain

SPRINT helped reduce my pain.


Diane Seymour experienced a severe case of shingles in July of 2018, resulting in nerve damage and severe pain. The next 10 months for her and her family were stressful and challenging. Her husband had open heart surgery in January of 2019 and a few months later, her daughter, Kim, suffered a stroke at the age of 50.  

Diane received spinal injections initially, which helped somewhat, but the pain always returned. She was given increasing doses of Lyrica, getting up to a high daily dose, to no avail. Even oxycodone was ineffective in relieving the pain. The severe and constant pain under her left breast from her spine to sternum was unrelenting. At its most severe, she sometimes could barely move.  


That’s when she went to see Dr. Hoppenfeld, who recommended SPRINT PNS. In August of 2019, more than a year after having shingles that caused the severe pain, Diane was implanted with the SPRINT System. “I started getting relief from the pain almost immediately after the SPRINT System was placed by my physician,” she explains.  

“The constant pain limited me. I needed to feel well to be there for my family. And SPRINT helped reduce my pain.” Now more than six months from completing the 60-day treatment with SPRINT, Diane has very little pain and she no longer takes Lyrica.

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