SPRINT PNS System Regional Training Lab – New Jersey

Middletown, New Jersey Middletown

The SPRINT PNS System regional training lab in New Jersey is designed to educate local area physicians on the SPRINT® PNS System, SPRINT PNS use cases and efficacy for treating different chronic pain conditions and more. For information about any upcoming SPRINT training events, please contact us by emailing education@sprtherapeutics.com.

ASIPP 23rd Annual Meeting 2021 | Dr. Peter Staats Session

Hilton New Orleans Riverside Two Pydras St., New Orleans

SPR Therapeutics, Inc., will be attending the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians 23rd Annual Meeting in New Orleans June 24 through June 26. On Friday, June 25 we will be hosting a special session featuring SPR Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Peter Staats, MBA, who will be talking about the benefits of temporary PNS at …

2021 NANS Mid-Year Meeting

Orlando, FL Orlando

SPR Therapeutics Inc., will be attending the 2021 North American Neuromodulation Society’s Mid-Year Meeting July 15-17 in Orlando, Florida as a proud sponsor, exhibitor, and educator. The premier meeting in the field of neuromodulation, attendees will be able to learn from leading experts in the field, understand the efficacy and use cases of the SPRINT …