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SPRINT PNS System At WAPMU PNS Symposium “Across the USA”

Saturday, Oct. 10

SPRINT® PNS System At WAPMU PNS Symposium “Across the USA”

An amazing tri-city #PNS training event from the World Academy of Pain Medicine United will be hosted on Saturday, October 10.  In New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, WAPMU will host both virtual and hands-on cadaver opportunities led by renowned faculty from around the country. Attendees will learn about peripheral nerve stimulation (#PNS) and ultrasound guided nerve targets, case studies and how PNS can work within the pain care continuum.

Around 40 physicians will be attending each city’s PNS lab, and we are proud to have two SPRINT PNS System learning stations at each training session.

The following physicians will be leading training in each location:

  • San Francisco: Einar Ottestad, MD, Jennifer Hah, MD, Scott Pritzlaff, MD
  • Chicago: Matthew Pingree, MD, Mark Hurdle, MD, Christopher Gilmore, MD, Michael Gofeld, MD
  • New York: Amitabh Gulati, MD, David Spinner, MD, Mike Mizrahi, MD, Ali Valimahomed, MD, Neal Rakesh, MD

You can learn more about the WAPMU tri-city event here

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