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Physician Son Recommends SPRINT PNS, Father Finds Relief Of Chronic Shoulder Pain

Physician Son Recommends SPRINT PNS, Father Finds Relief of Chronic Shoulder Pain

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Hank Vucetic had been experiencing severe chronic shoulder pain in his right shoulder for two years.

“The pain was anywhere from an eight to a 10, depending on what I was doing,” Hank said.

“I’d gone to the shoulder surgeon and was told I needed a shoulder replacement, but I was not a good candidate for surgery,” Hank said. Eventually, Hank’s pain became so bad he began to isolate himself and he “just hoped and prayed that something would happen other than surgery.”

Injections and Tylenol had failed to provide relief, but Hanks’s son, Dr. Henry Vucetic, an interventional pain physician at the Cleveland Clinic, had recently learned about SPRINT PNS and how it offered a non-surgical option for treating chronic pain.

“My son Henry said, ‘Well they’ve got something new on the market, the SPRINT PNS System.’ He said, ‘Let’s try that.’ And so, we did.”

Hank received the SPRINT PNS System and noticed progressive reductions in his pain over the next several weeks.

It’s been nearly two years since Hank had the treatment and, in his own words, “the right shoulder has just been absolutely great, no pain whatsoever…My satisfaction with the SPRINT treatment would be an 11.  Now I can go back and do what I was doing before, going to the YMCA three-to-four days a week. I’ve been able to play with my grandkids, mess around with them in the swimming pool where before I just couldn’t do it. I’d just sit there; I could talk to them and that was about it. Now, it’s just an entire life change.”

Hank was the first of the now many patients Dr. Vucetic and his colleagues have since treated using the SPRINT PNS System.

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