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Physician Recordings


60-Day PNS vs DRG Stimulation


An Early Intervention for Chronic Post-operative Pain


The APP’s Unique Role in Patient Identification and Education



PNS implanters share their experiences about how and where to get started using PNS


NANS Breakfast Symposium: Key Takeaways Peter Staats, MD MBA Sprint PNS is challenging the longstanding notion that neurostimulation is a late resort therapy


Durable Pain Relief & Potential MOA Ramana Naidu, MD The potential role SPRINT PNS plays in the neurobiology of pain


Unique Design of the SPRINT PNS System Erik Shaw, DO Least invasive technology allows for earlier treatment


Clinical Outcomes Christopher Gilmore, MD Highly clinically significant and durable reductions in pain


MicroLead Implantation Procedure Amitabh Gulati, MD Sprint PNS uses and implantation techniques



Peripherally Induced Reconditioning of the Central Nervous System


How SPRINT PNS works

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