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The SPRINT® PNS System

The SPRINT® PNS system offers a minimally-invasive
60-day implant specifically designed to deliver significant and sustained pain relief while offering a system that is easy to use for you and for your patients. The SPRINT endura™ system provides a single lead option while the SPRINT extensa™ system offers the industry’s only dual lead PNS system.

OnePass Introducer

  • Single-stick percutaneous targeting
  • Stimulation response assessed prior to lead implantation
  • Percutaneous sleeve serves as a conduit for the MicroLead


  • Coiled design is intended to reduce lead migration and allow fibrotic ingrowth
  • 25% of the diameter of conventional neurostimulation leads
  • 25x less likely to get infected compared to non-coiled leads
  • Withdrawn using gentle traction

Pulse Generator

  • Designed to deliver continuous therapy with rechargeable battery packs
  • Mounting pad enables wearable use of pulse generator
  • SPRINT extensa dual-lead system allows stimulation at two locations (SPRINT endura single lead system also available)

Hand-Held Remote

  • Enables intuitive lead placement by clinicians
  • Transitions from clinician to patient after the procedure
  • Straightforward, user-friendly design

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