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SPRINT PNS for post-TKA knee pain



I would recommend it to anyone


Maybe you’ve seen Rodney Greene on TV. Since retiring from being a Research Associate in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Northwestern University for 20 years and City Clerk in Evanston for 8 years, he’s been pursuing his long time passion—acting. Rodney’s been on The Chi, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Empire and South Side, to name just a few 

But he may not have been able to continue to pursue his acting career without SPRINT. Rodney was experiencing severe pain in his left knee since having a knee replacement. He had his right knee replaced first, with no pain in the right knee. He describes the pain in his left knee as a 10 out of 10 on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the most severe. “I would say it was a 20 if you could rate it a 20 it was so bad.”  


Rodney says the pain was unbearable and he gave up many hobbies. Daily activities including going up and down stairs, washing dishes, standing, or sitting in a car for long periods of time were extremely painful, so when Dr. Shah at Northshore Hospital suggested SPRINT PNS, Rodney agreed to try it. He now says “I would recommend it to anyone. It definitely worked for me. I have no pain in my left knee since having SPRINT.”  

Rodney’s left knee was treated with SPRINT PNS for 60 days. Now several months from treatment, Rodney is still pain free and now able to once again enjoy many hobbies including walking, rollerblading, bowling and driving. And of course, going on auditions.  

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