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SPRINT PNS for foot pain


Now Richie looks forward to getting back to the beach for the first time in four years.


Rich Saulle, who goes by Richie, was a Brooklyn Firefighter for 34 years until retiring in April of 2018. Richie had experienced chronic pain in his right foot since 1989 as a result of a sprained ankle. He limped for as long as he can remember. Surgery in 2015 didn’t relieve the pain. He had a second surgery in 2017 on the tendons and ligaments which finally relieved his right foot pain.

But years of compensating for the pain and putting all his weight on his left foot had taken its toll. As a result, Richie developed severe pain in his left foot. Pain so severe that even cortisone shots and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections provided no relief. Richie couldn’t enjoy his favorite pastime—going to Coney Island Beach. Simply putting his foot on the sand was excruciating.


He was referred to a pain specialist, Dr. Rosenblum, who recommended SPRINT PNS and the device was placed in November of 2019. Since January of 2020, Richie has “very little pain left.” Before SPRINT he would rarely visit his best friend because it was so painful to go up or down stairs. He couldn’t carry his granddaughter or even walk around the corner with his dog.

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