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SPRINT PNS for shoulder pain


Daughter of Diane, SPRINT PNS for post-stroke pain

“The pain has gone away and stayed away.


One day in April of 2019 changed Kim’s life. Kim was home alone, when suddenly she felt unsteady and fell to the ground. Luckily she was close enough to her phone to call her neighbor who rushed over and called an ambulance.

Kim had a hemorrhagic stroke and later developed CRPS pain from her shoulder to hand. The pain was excruciating and “felt like fireworks running up and down my arm.” The pain significantly impacted her mobility and as a result, Kim’s ability to perform many of the exercises in PT and OT were limited. It was hard just to lift her arm.  


In July 2019, her pain physician, Dr. Costello of Pain Clinic in Charlotte recommended she have SPRINT PNS. The SPRINT was placed that month. Kim reports that the pain went away the very next day. I was worried about having it removed after the 60 day treatment period, but the pain has gone away and stayed away.”  Seven months later, she is still pain free.  

Kim’s occupational and physical therapists also noticed a change. Because of her pain relief, she was able to more easily move her arm and lift things, which she couldn’t do before SPRINT.  

Now a year from the stroke, Kim is excited to move her life forward without pain. She is back to one of her passions, cooking. She is making strides in PT and OT that weren’t possible before SPRINT. She is sleeping soundly at night without pain. And she is pleased to be able to care for herself.  

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