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SPRINT PNS for nerve pain


“I would absolutely recommend SPRINT PNS.”


Janet Jonas teaches 3rd grade in Monroe, NC. She loves her job, but it’s been challenging for the last couple years due to chronic and severe pain from CRPS or chronic regional pain syndrome. CRPS is a condition most often affecting one limb usually after an injury, believed to be caused by damage to or malfunction of the peripheral and central nervous system.

Janet’s CRPS began after a freak accident in Vermont in February of 2018. She was with her siblings, goofing around in snow, when her leg fell through the snow and ice and got stuck. She didn’t realize it then, but she had torn her ACL and meniscus. After two weeks of pain, she saw a doctor and was diagnosed with CRPS. She was on crutches, and for a year did physical therapy which helped her regain some mobility. But it was still limited, and the pain continued.

She had reconstructive surgery on her ACL. That’s when the pain spread from her hip to her toe. Janet was prescribed Percocet. She received nerve blocks every 2 weeks—which helped, but the relief usually wore off before the next one.

The picture with me and my daughter actually shows me wearing the SPRINT remote around my neck, which allowed me to travel to Nevada to see her.

“It’s hard to be your best and smile when you’re in such pain.” The pain took a toll on Janet, and her school principal was concerned about her. While many parents of her students were supportive and understanding, Janet needed to get relief from the pain as it was limiting her movement and affecting her mental health. Her physician, Dr. Gingerich, suggested SPRINT PNS “at the perfect time.”


So, she researched SPRINT PNS and was glad to see it did not involve surgery. Janet indicated that her physician and the SPR Therapeutics team explained everything thoroughly in advance so there were no surprises and SPRINT was simple to use. Her daughter, who is a nursing student, helped her the first couple of days and then she was on her own.

“I felt a difference immediately. It was amazing.” Since having the SPRINT removed after the 60-day treatment period, Janet has a greater range of motion and improved gait. The hardest thing about CRPS was not being able to exercise. Now, post treatment with SPRINT, Janet is back to working out a couple times a week. And she’s excited to get back to hiking, biking and strength training.

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