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SPRINT PNS for leg pain


I feel fabulous! It’s a miracle—the pain is gone.


Patricia can finally say that thanks to SPRINT PNS. The chronic, constant and severe pain in her leg started 10 years prior after a freak accident in her driveway. While cleaning out the trunk of her car, she became trapped from her pelvis up in the trunk as the hatch came down on her. Luckily her husband came home and got her out. By the evening, she had intense pain all the way down her leg.

Patricia suffers from meralgia paresthetica. Meralgia paresthetica is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain in the outer thigh. The cause of meralgia paresthetica is compression of the nerve that supplies sensation to the skin surface of the thigh.

Even the slightest touch to her thigh, a strong breeze, jumping into the pool—even tight-fitting yoga pants, triggered a fiery, burning sensation coupled with numbness. For a long time, she tried many treatments from acupuncture to physical therapy to steroid injections, but nothing alleviated the pain.


Pat did not want to take narcotics and after several years of regular injections, her pain management physician, Dr. Babu recommended she try SPRINT PNS. When the device was placed, Patricia was taking Aleve 4 at a time several times a day. She has had none since getting SPRINT, which was removed in early February.

Since having SPRINT, Patricia reports she is “back to doing everything!” After ten years of compartmentalizing the pain through meditation and yoga to just get through it, she is now able to once again have a more rigorous, intense yoga practice. She is now able to swim in the pool for an hour without pain and does 500 jumping jacks in the water.

Patricia Brown

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SPRINT PNS for hip pain


The SPRINT PNS System was a lifesaver!


Bernadette has put a lot of wear and tear on her hips over the years. Working in retail her entire career translates into thousands of hours on her feet. She was a dancer as a young woman, and an avid skier. And a fall in 1977 injuring her tailbone only compounded things. All that activity took its toll, and for over 20 years, Bernadette experienced chronic, constant pain in her hip due to bursitis. She also has arthritis and spinal stenosis, causing back pain.

Bernadette is 72 years old, semi-retired and still works part time, as a retail merchandiser. Before experiencing the SPRINT System, she needed a shopping cart  to support herself when she walked from the parking lot into the store, the pain was so intense.

She tried many treatments over the years without relief. Bernadette saw a chiropractor for decades. She had injections and took pain killers.


Her physician, Dr. Katherine Guran at Akron General Pain and Spine Institute, suggested SPRINT PNS to Bernadette.

Dr. Guran implanted the SPRINT PNS System’s MicroLead™ in April of 2019. Bernadette states that “I walked out of the procedure pain free that day.” Since that time it has had a profound impact on her quality of life. After 60 days of treatment, the MicroLead was removed. Without the pain, she was able to significantly reduce her medications, taking only low doses of naproxen for her back pain.

Her pain continues to stay at bay. “I can walk anywhere I want to now. I no longer need to park in a handicap spot, and I don’t use a shopping cart to walk into a store.”

Bernadette hopes to take a long-anticipated trip to Scotland where she will do a lot of exploring. Until travel is possible, she will keep planning her adventure and will keep walking pain free at home.

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