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Rethink Your Pain Strategy


SPRINT® First-Line PNS System is a patient-preferred, low risk alternative to more invasive treatments leading many pain specialists to rethink their treatment algorithm. The SPRINT System is proven to provide significant and sustained pain relief when prior treatments such as opioids or injections have failed.

PNS Training Webinars 

Our PNS Leadership Learning Series recordings are now available
to view anytime! Learn from some of the most well-known leaders
in the field of PNS.

A Breakthrough in Pain Management

• Short-term, 60-day treatment
• Designed to recondition the central nervous system
• No permanent implant
• Minimally-invasive and drug-free

Learn how your practice can champion a new protocol of care.

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“A 60-day percutaneous treatment that delivers long-term relief without a permanent implant…this is a game changer.”
— Peter Staats MD, MBA, DABA, ABIPP, FIPP

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