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October 24, 2016
Veterans Affairs Appoints Dr. Joseph Boggs to Advisory Board

October 5, 2016
Neurostimulation Emerges as an Alternative to Opioids

October 3, 2016
SPR’s Sprint System is the topic of a “Daring Discourse” in the November issue of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

August 16, 2016
SPR Therapeutics to Present at Military Health System Research Symposium

July 28, 2016
FDA Clears SPR Therapeutics Pain Management Device – Minimally Invasive, Non­-Opioid Alternative, Stimulates Peripheral Nerves to Provide Sustained Relief of Chronic and Acute Pain


August 25, 2015
SPR Therapeutics Awarded $1.6M NIH Grant to Study Pain Management Following Knee Replacement Surgery Using the SPRINTTM PNS System


December 14, 2014
John Chae, MD, MS presents the use of percutaneous PNS in the treatment of low back pain at the 18 Annual Meeting of the North American Neuromodulation Society, Las Vegas, Nevada.


January 8, 2013
SPR Therapeutics Raises $5 Million Series A


October 3, 2012
SPR Therapeutics & NDI Medical Awarded $2.77 Million Grant


May 5, 2011
SPR Therapeutics technology to tap into $150B pain market


May 17, 2010
Phase II SBIR awarded to fund and advance the development of our Smartpatch PNS System


July 15, 2009
Biomedical engineer knows her technology and her business


The following bibliography references SPR Therapeutics pain management system publications to date. Some of these publications may describe findings that are not contemplated by the currently FDA-cleared indications for use for the product. The intent of providing this bibliography is to inform physicians of research performed using the SPRINT(TM) PNS System. This information is not provided with the intent to promote the SPRINT System beyond its FDA-cleared indications for use, which are as follows: ‘The SPRINT Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) System is indicated for up to 30 days in the back and/or extremities for: i) Symptomatic relief of chronic, intractable pain, post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain; ii) Symptomatic relief of post-traumatic pain; and iii) Symptomatic relief of post-operative pain. The SPRINT PNS System is not intended to treat pain in the craniofacial region.’

Key Publications

Brian M. Ilfeld, Rodney A. Gabriel, Michael F. Saulino, John Chae, P. Hunter Peckham, Stuart A. Grant, Christopher A. Gilmore, Michael C. Donohue, Matthew G. deBock, Amorn Wongsarnpigoon and Joseph W. Boggs. Infection Rates of Electrical Leads Used for Percutaneous Neurostimulation of the Peripheral Nervous System. Pain Practice – doi: 10.1111/papr.12523

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