About SPR


Smartpatch Addresses Unmet Needs


Large Underserved Markets

We are actively developing and commercializing therapies aimed at the following large market indications:

Post-surgical pain:
pain following surgery such
as knee replacement,
and rotator cuff repair
Neuropathic pain:
pain following nerve injury
or nerve surgery such as
phantom limb pain
Musculoskeletal pain:
pain in the joints and muscles
such as shoulder pain and
knee pain

Founding & Funding

ndi-logoIntending to build on NDI’s track record of success, SPR Therapeutics was founded in January, 2010 as a portfolio company of NDI Medical, LLC, a hybrid venture capital and commercialization firm focusing exclusively on innovative neurodevice technologies.

NDI sold its first portfolio company, MEDSTIM®, to Medtronic for $42 million in April 2008 returning the original investment back to investors OVER 150 times.

SPR Therapeutics is the recipient of significant non-dilutive funding from multiple grants and loans from the National Institutes of Health, The United States Department of Defense, and the State of Ohio. To learn more, click here to see our press coverage.


SPR Therapeutics is led by an experienced management team with a long history of success in researching, developing and commercializing neurostimulation products. Our clinical and scientific advisors are also renowned worldwide as leaders in interventional pain management, rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics and biomedical engineering.

Maria E. Bennett, President, CEO and FounderSPR-AboutPg-PullQuote
Joseph Boggs, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development
Marilyn Eisele, Vice President of Finance, CFO
Robert Rogers, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems
Robert Strother, Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer
Mark Stultz, Senior Vice President of Market Development
Rosemary Zang, Director of Clinical Affairs
Kathryn Stager, Manager of Regulatory Affairs
Amorn Wongsarnpigoon, PhD, Research Project Manager
Meredith McGee, PhD, Research Project Manager
Matt deBock, Research and Development Engineer
Haley Arnold, Clinical Research Associate
John Wilber, Clinical Research Associate
Lauren Easley, Senior Clinical Project Manager
Tina Lechman, Senior Clinical Research Specialist

Scientific and Clinical Advisors
John Chae, MD, Chief Medical Advisor
Warren Grill, PhD, Chief Scientific Advisor
Christopher Gilmore, MD, Pain Management
Michael Hausman, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Leo Kapural, MD, PhD, Pain Management
Marc Russo, MD, Pain Management
Michael Saulino, MD, PhD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Hunter Peckham, PhD, BIomedical Engineering and Orthopedics

Board of Directors
Geoffrey B. Thrope, Chairman and Managing Director
Warren Grill, PhD, Managing Director
Les C. Vinney, Managing Director
Ralph M. Della Ratta, Jr., Managing Director
Patricia B. Shrader, Managing Director
Leonard M. Cosentino, Managing Director